Following the footsteps of other associations, organizations, national and international institutes involved with the profession of conservation and restoration, the Association Bastioni has created its own professional code of ethics based on the code signed by ICOM and UNESCO at Copenhagen in 1984; a code better known as the Conservator-Restorer: A Definition of the Profession, and which has been published throughout Europe by the European Network for Conservation Restoration and Education (Encore).

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lunedì 1 novembre 2010

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 see for the Bologna Declaration and other ENCoRE documents: 2 ICOM-CC The Code of Ethics, The Conservator-Restorer: a Definition of the Profession, 1984. See
3 The ECCO Professional Guidelines (I) 1993 were updated and adopted in 2002, see
4 The Document of Pavia, 1997. See
5 see for the Joint Statement the ECCO and ENCoRE websites
6 the European Directive can be found on the EC website: , with reference to the document number: 2002/0061 (COD). The complete website address for the document is:
7 proposal for a Directive of the European Parliament and of the Council on the recognition of professional qualifications. Paragraph 20 and 21, page 20
8 both the Discussion and Background papers are to be found on the ECCO and ENCoRE websites 

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